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You let go of the pressure to change who you are, and instead you learned to embrace your inner power to become who you are. By Kelly Clements-Gennis

Monday, May 31, 2010

Does Your Daughter See Her True Beauty When She Looks In The Mirror?

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?
Do you love and accept the woman looking back at you?
How do you feel when you see the idea of the perfect woman on tv?
How do you feel when you see the covers of all the magazines on the newsstands with the bright and bold messages to be thin, to have a certain hair color and the perfect body with the most stylish clothes?
Are you feeling pressure to be someone your not. Pressure to loose weight, to die your hair to have more, to have better to weigh less?
Do you feel this PRESSURE!!! Are you trapped by this PRESSURE???
Do you even know who you really are? Do you know your true beauty?

You listen to that voice inside your head that's full of negativity and self doubt. The voice that feeds your desire to be someone other than who you are. It feeds you with feelings of insecurity. Not allowing you to love the woman looking back at you when you look in the mirror. And there you are left not knowing how to process all these negative emotions. Feeling bottled up and ready to burst.

I want you to think about all of this. Now ask yourself "If I feel this way, how does my daughter or other young girls feel?" as her role model, what am I teaching her? If we as grown women feel this way, and look at ourselves constantly with judging eyes, just imagine...

how all the young girls must feel!

All the girls in our lives that we love and adore so much who are mirroring our every thought, feeling and action. Playing back what we put out when we don't love and accept ourselves for who we are. Watching with a full heavy heart, as we judge the woman we see when we look in the mirror, when we put on our clothes, when we stand on the scales 10 times a day and freely comment with anger and disappointment when that magic number just isn't there.

If you can't look in the mirror and love and accept who you see, how can you expect that she will?

When I used to look in the mirror, I didn't know how to accept that woman looking back at me. Through all my mind chatter and pressures of everyday life I couldn't let go. I didn't know how to love and accept myself for who I was. I couldn't see my own beauty. I only wished to be who the media told me to be.

The day Hannah at 5 years old stood in the mirror seeing herself in her bikini looked at me and said that she was fat and that her belly was too big, I became aware of what had I done! 

Hannah, please forgive me for allowing all my negative body image beliefs replay over in your mind as though those thoughts are yours. She was mirroring what she saw me, her mother, her role model do. So to her, it was what was supposed to be done! She wasn't seeing Hannah, she was seeing my thoughts, feelings and insecurities though was quickly taking them all on as her own.

Looking into her eyes I knew in that very moment the lesson that was presented so clear so full of truth, wisdom and power. I knew as a mother, as a woman and as someone who has changed her life, and has taken control over her mind and is now celebrating her true beauty that this was a huge part of my purpose. To give girls the power to love and accept themselves for who they are.

Through learning to love and accept myself for who I am, and teaching Hannah to do the same, she no longer looks into her refection with judging eyes.  
Hannah now only sees her true beauty. her true self. confident and empowered. She is free to be herself. no more pressure. just a real knowing that beautiful comes from inside her. She knows and feels it glow.

As mother daughter team, we are spreading our message of our experience, our life lessons and our passion to empower each and every girl so that she too can look in the mirror with love and acceptance and know that she is unique. She is her true beautiful empowered self. And that there's no one better to be!
Like Hannah says "mommy we have to help all girls feel good about themselves. We have to teach them that being beautiful is being YOU!"

We now spell beauty "BeYOUty" because, as mother and daughter,"BeYOUty!" is our message. When you ignite your inner BeYOUty you become your true self. Confident, empowered and free!

This summer is a very special one for Hannah and I as we are launching BeYOUty Boot Camp Summer Program! Together we will be sharing our sun filled days with girls ages 8-12 teaching mind and body health and empowerment and we are so excited to be guiding, loving, supporting and inspiring the girls to be their true self. Confident, empowered and free.
To learn more about BeYOUty boot camp summer program please visit www.thinkfeelbe.ca

As a woman, mother and role model, It is my purpose to ignite your inner BeYOUty in a way that inspires and motivates you to be your true self. Confident, empowered and free.

Now, that's what I call BeYOUtyful!

See YOU at BeYOUty Boot Camp

Kelly Clements-Gennis
Mind and Body Health and Empowerment Coach
BeYOUty Mentor
Think Feel Be
Programs for Women and Girls
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"Think Feel Be...Ignites your inner beauty in a way that inspires you to be your true self. Confident, empowered and free!"
Now that's what I call BeYOUtyful!"