What if...

You let go of the pressure to change who you are, and instead you learned to embrace your inner power to become who you are. By Kelly Clements-Gennis

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What if? Part 2

what you just let go?
what if you let go of the pressure to change who you are, and instead you embraced you inner power to be who you are, where you are, right now in this very moment.
what if?
who would you be? How would your life be different?
I ask myself "why do we get caught up in our thinking mind?"

Here we are, thinking and judging each and every thought, every feeling. Not knowing how to feel. And if we do feel we are afraid to go deeper. Afraid to know. Afraid to process. Not knowing how.
Who are we being?
yes that is the question. Are we creating our life right now in this very moment or we being victims, stuck in our thinking mind. Not doing. Just thinking. Wanting. Full of fear. Letting her stop us. With the volume to our chatter box turned up way to loud. In a trance while she yells telling us to STOP! You can't do it, it's too scary, your sure to fail, you don't deserve it, this isn't the way. Go back to where you were. Go back to who your were. Come on, fill me up, I'm hungry. I'm unsatisfied. Feed me. Don't feel. It hurts. Stay numb. it's safe here.
If you are aware, awake, conscious, perhaps some days you wish that you could go back to sleep. go back to the place of unconsciousness. where you didn't know any better.
but why?
You've come so far. This is part of your journey. This is YOU Creating YOUR Life.
wake up.

let go
be free
create your life
be in the moment and trust it's exactly where you need to be.
breathe love in. Breathe love out.
let it flow to you. Through you and back again.
you are me
I am you
you blossom and bloom
your are...yellow knowing, green being, magenta inspiring, purple thinking, white seeing and black feeling
so,what if.....you let go?
tell me who would you be.