What if...

You let go of the pressure to change who you are, and instead you learned to embrace your inner power to become who you are. By Kelly Clements-Gennis

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What if... YOU let go?

Here I sit. Here I be. Watching. Listening. Wondering.

Are YOU awake?

Are YOU conscious?

Are YOU Aware?

Are you consciously creating your life right now,
in this very moment or are you running on habit.
Sitting in the passenger seat looking through the
window watching your life rapidly pass you by.

Feeling lost and out of 
control. Wising and hoping for better, something
different, for more.

YOU smile and YOU laugh like everything is just
fine....but is it?

YOU go through life on automatic pilot
day in, day out. Same job, same routine.
Thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same
feelings always ending with the same results.

Almost in a coma like state. Like a
puppet on strings. Being pulled, pushed
and controlled.Totally unaware
YOU are asleep.

Dreaming, wishing, complaining and justifying.
Asking "why is my life this way?". Craving deeply for
something better. Blaming everything and everyone else
for your results. Hurting, though resisting looking
inside yourself for the answers.

Why do you push away? Why are YOU afraid
to accept who YOU are?. Why are YOU afraid to love who
YOU are, where YOU are right now?


It's time to create your life. Right now! In this
very moment. You have choices. You can
choose to LIVE. You can choose to CREATE.
You can choose to LOVE and ACCEPT what
Is and who YOU are.

Let go.

When YOU let go, YOU awaken. YOU
become free. 

So I ask YOU "What if?" YOU let go of
the pressure to change who YOU are and
instead YOU learned to embrace YOUR
inner power to become who YOU are?

When you accept what is, only then do you
become truly free!

By letting go of your past. YOU become present
in the moment. YOU then become open to Dream
about your future.

Every day YOU inspire ME. When YOU come
to me, in search of your purpose. In search of a
better self. In search of Beauty. Thinking and
feeling that all that is life is outside of YOU.

Unaware that YOU do have a choice. YOU can
create your life…right now!

You already have it. It’s not lost. You’re not lost.
It's all in YOU. The knowledge, the power, the
support, motivation and inspiration. Your light,
love and beauty. It’s all in YOU.

Look inside yourself for the answers. In your heart
is where your purpose lives.

Open your heart and soon you will find...Your true self. Beautiful and Free.

With an open heart,